About Applied Research and Outreach (ARO)

The Applied Research and Outreach group develops and directs research studies in partnership with government and helps agencies implement evidence-based practices (EBPs). Projects are divided into the areas of Applied Research and Consulting and Technical Assistance.

Faculty members at the Institute have diverse backgrounds encompassing criminology and criminal justice, public policy and management, law, sociology, social work, psychology and engineering. All team members are dedicated to conducting applied research and to assisting government agencies in implementing evidence-based practices.

Applied Research

The Institute's Applied Research program is designed to inform and improve policy and operations in the delivery of state and local services. Many applied research projects span the interface between the criminal justice system and health and social service systems. Often projects entail efforts to improve the efficiency of multi-agency collaboration. Primary research projects encompass the following areas.

Consulting and Technical Assistance

Services include needs assessments, survey research, strategic planning, business process analysis and re-engineering, database design and implementation, and training. Consulting and technical assistance projects encompass the following areas.

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