With expertise in quantitative and qualitative assessment, as well as business process re-engineering, the Institute for Governmental Service and Research (IGSR) provides applied research, outreach, and technology innovations to meet the needs of state and local governments. Over the years, IGSR's main focus has been in the areas of criminal justice, including adult and juvenile courts, corrections, community supervision, prosecutors, and the police. Many projects span the interface between the criminal justice system and health and social service systems often entailing efforts to improve multi-agency collaboration. Standardized instruments, rigorous designs, and large sample sizes are employed in across all of IGSR's organizations.

Applied Research and Outreach (ARO)

The Applied Research and Outreach group develops and directs research studies in partnership with government and helps agencies implement evidence-based practices (EBPs). Projects are divided into the areas of Applied Research and Consulting and Technical Assistance and encompass the areas of public safety, public health, justice administration, organizational effectiveness, fiscal management, and land use and growth policy. Faculty members have diverse backgrounds encompassing criminology and criminal justice, public policy and management, law, sociology, social work, psychology and engineering. Team members are dedicated to conducting applied research and to assisting government agencies in implementing evidence-based practices.

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Information Technology Services provides innovative, customized software and service solutions to automate and improve the efficiency of numerous state and local government agencies. Disciplines include business process analysis and reengineering, modeling studies, systems/project management, custom applications and programming, training, and technical support. ITS develops, implements, and supports SMART, a crucial database application used to electronically enable drug treatment entities and drug courts within the state of Maryland.

Virtual Learning Center (VLC)

The Virtual Learning Center is an online instructional resource; the place for information, education, and training not only for Marylanders who serve on local government and other volunteer boards and commissions, but also for those who engage volunteers serving on public bodies. The VLC fosters excellence in governance by enhancing the understanding of the role of governance, promoting high ethical standards in volunteer service, and providing an education base for a better informed citizenry.

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