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The Statewide Maryland Automated Record Tracking (SMART) system is a web-based tool that provides a consent-driven client tracking system for state agencies and private treatment providers. Used by treatment providers and drug courts as a management information system, SMART enables a comprehensive approach for collecting substance abuse treatment data, tracking drug court client services, and analyzing program data thereby monitoring and reporting on the performance and progress of treatment providers and drug courts throughout the state.

Created in 2003, SMART is based upon the national Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (WITS) platform built in collaboration with state and local governments. SMART serves as an interagency data repository for performance reporting and supersedes the University of Maryland Automated Tracking System (UM/HATS) which has been in use since 1996. It allows for real-time collaboration between drug treatment facilities, drug courts, and other state and local agencies, while meeting all federal and state confidentiality regulations.

The Institute for Governmental Service and Research has established partnerships with the Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration (ADAA) , Baltimore Substance Abuse Systems (bSAS) , the Office of Problem Solving Courts (OPSC) , and the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services(DJS) to enable the most efficient and effective use of the tool. In fact, the Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration (ADAA) uses SMART to capture performance data for its StateStat program. Maryland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration logo
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  • enables efficient implementation planning for organizational processes
  • adapts to accommodate local data requirements
  • has built-in error checking
  • offers customizable reports
  • collects client data for decision-making purposes
  • centralizes hosting for cost-effective operations and reduced administrative costs

Uniquely, SMART offers eConsent (or electronic consent) which manages those processes associated with the disclosure of client records and being able to make client referrals electronically while maintaining all federal confidentiality regulations including Title 42 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), 28 CFR, and HIPAA rules. SMART users appreciate the ability to effectively and efficiently manage the contractual and legal obligations in a complex environment.

SMART users require only basic computing skills (typing, data entry, Internet navigation, etc.) with high speed Internet access and a web browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher recommended) with Adobe Acrobat Reader capability.

For more information on SMART, contact the Institute via email or call 301.405.4870.

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