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Join The IGSR Policy Poll to receive high-quality, professionally-gathered opinion data to aid your organization's decision-making and advocacy efforts.

The Institute for Governmental Service and Research (IGSR) is conducting an opinion poll of Maryland residents - The IGSR Policy Poll. Approximately 1,000 residents throughout the state will be surveyed to gather opinions on current issues of public policy and your organization can have its own important questions of interest included.

Whether you want to assess public opinion on an issue, measure the impact of a public awareness campaign, include statewide opinion data in a needs assessment, or estimate public support for a set of policy proposals, The IGSR Policy Poll will affordably deliver the opinion data you need. Not only will you get data on your specific questions, but you will also get demographic information that will assist in determining public opinion about a policy concern by race, income, education, and other factors.

Beyond affordability, your organization also benefits from technical advancements in the science of survey techniques as The IGSR Policy Poll will gather its opinion data using online sampling and interviewing methods, rather than the more expensive (and less effective) telephone polling. Using this approach, question items can be longer, more detailed, and even include visuals to aid comprehension.

As budgets continue to tighten and the expense of commissioning a professional survey can cost between $25,000 and $40,000, the Institute is taking a unique approach. Rather than have one or two sponsors cover the entire survey cost, The IGSR Policy Poll is open to groups who can choose to include as few as one or two questions at a very affordable rate.

To take full advantage of this opportunity, send an email to igsr@umd.edu with the subject line "The IGSR Policy Poll"

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