Sustainable Community

  • Introduction
  • Lesson One - Three Systems of Sustainability
  • Lesson Two - Why Plan for Sustainability
  • Lesson Three - Sustainable Community Development Plans
  • Lesson Four - Maryland Resources
  • Lesson Five - A Process for Sustainable Community Development
  • Review
  • Certificate

Sustainable Community Development

An online class offered by the University of Maryland's Institute for Governmental Service and Research.


Navigating This Online Class

Because the lessons and quizzes of this class build upon each other, it is best to navigate them chronologically. You can exit the class and return at a later time, but this is best if done at the beginning of a given lesson just after completing and passing the quiz for the previous lesson. As you continue through the class, the menu to the left indicates your current location (bold) and your progress by providing links through the highest completed lesson. You can navigate to any lesson that has been previously viewed. These navigation features (available within 30 days of your last visit) require that cookies be enabled in your browser and that you are using the same computer and the same browser upon your return.

Accessing Links

Throughout the lessons, there are references shown as a links, where you can click to access it. Throughout the class, you will also find additional information in the form of specific cases, like Bethesda Urban Partnership, local non-profit organizations, as well as county and state agencies, such as Montgomery County Government or the Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission. Such information is shown as links that you can click to access, then return to the class by closing the open window.