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Problem-Solving and Partnerships in Prosecution: A Process Evaluation of Community Prosecution in Two Maryland State's Attorney's Offices

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Researcher(s): (Laura Wyckoff) (Heather Fogg) (Megan Fleury)


The Institute for Governmental Service and Research has been reviewing the processes of community and traditional prosecution in two Maryland counties. Through individual interviews and survey responses from State's Attorney's Office staff, local police departments and community organizations, the researchers have gathered data on the daily operations, goals, and collaborative relationships created by both community prosecution and traditional prosecution units, with special focus on cases of gun violence. The research found that problem-solving is highly regarded by both traditional and community prosecutors. However, the offices are only beginning to achieve a problem-solving focus. Prosecutors have formed useful partnerships that may help lead to further problem-solving strategies as community prosecution units continue to develop and gain experience. The report concludes with recommendations for further areas of development and future outcome evaluations of community prosecution. The Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) funded this project under grant number BJAG-2005-1077.