Seymour Mandelcorn

Network Manager

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Seymour Mandelcorn is responsible for the networking and database infrastructure that supports the Institute's criminal justice and treatment tracking systems used throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia. Users of these systems, which include electronic consent and the ability to post automated drug testing results in real time, include state and local health departments; parole, probation, and detention centers; and public and private treatment providers. Dr. Mandelcorn has worked in the networking and database management arena for over twelve years. Prior to joining the Institute in 2000, he managed a network of seven healthcare facilities in the Baltimore Medical System. Dr. Mandelcorn holds a Ph.D. in Reliability Engineering specializing in Computer Security from the University of Maryland, M.S. in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University and a B.A. in Talmud from Ohr Elchonon Rabbinical College.

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